10 Personality Traits to be Successful

10 Personality Traits to be Successful

So, you’ve figured out that you need great internet business ideas from Wealthy Affiliate, a solid business plan, and possibly even some cash to start your business (though you may find some things that you can start for free). However, in order to ensure that you are going to be successful in your business, you also need to make sure that you have the personality of an entrepreneur.

10 Personality Traits to be Successful as Suggested by Experts

According to the experts, there are 10 personality traits that you need in order to be successful with your new venture. Following, you will find more information on those 10 traits. Do you have what it takes?

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High Energy Levels

One of the qualities that successful entrepreneurs have is that they have an uncanny ability to always be on the go. A true entrepreneur doesn’t know how to power themselves down. They don’t seem to have an off switch. They are forever emitting a constant flow of high-octane energy including ideas, strategies, plans, and so much more.


Another key indicator that an entrepreneur will be successful is that they show a power of persuasion early on for what they stand for. They have a salesmanship that outranks everyone around them.

It doesn’t matter whether they are a young teen/pre-teen who is doing a fundraiser for their school or starting their own business, they are persistent in informing others about it and they are forever pitching to you why you need it. A born entrepreneur is fearless in regard to who they will approach and present their product, service, or idea to.


The third personality trait that nearly all entrepreneurs have is that they are truly resourceful. They have amazing and unique ways to fix any issues that happen to arise along the way. They are always coming up with solutions that others simply can’t even imagine. In nearly all cases, these solutions work when properly implemented.

Winning Attitude

The fourth personality trait that an entrepreneur has is that even when all hope seems lost, they seem to find something to learn. Even when their world is crumbling around them, they look for the lesson in the problems. They are thankful for the things that have worked out for them, as well as the lessons that have come from those things that have not worked out.

Thrive in Uncertainty

A successful entrepreneur is able to function in the gray areas. They are able to keep moving and building their business even when things are not clear cut. So, if you typically become frozen and paralyzed when there is too much going on and too many “what ifs” going on in your life, you may want to reconsider the thought of becoming a business owner.


The sixth personality trait of a truly successful entrepreneur, is that they have what is known as an “opportunistic” mind and they are always ready to take full advantage of every situation that comes up. They see the opportunities that others may not. These are the opportunities that very few people are driven to pursues- which is why those that do are most successful.

Learn from Mistakes

An individual who was born to be an entrepreneur is willing to learn from the mistakes that they make. A natural entrepreneur will analyze his/her behavior and is not afraid to admit that a mistake was made. They are much more likely to correct negative behaviors and actions than a non-entrepreneur will.


The mind of a natural born entrepreneur is always turning. He/she is always thinking of new things and cannot turn off the flow. Every single problem that comes up is an opportunity to build a new business that will solve that problem.


An entrepreneur has a natural ability to effectively communicate with others. They are always to the point with the information they are passing on and always have a sense of urgency.


Individuals who are born with the ability to run their own business have a willingness to get back up when they are knocked down. They know that not all of their ideas are going to be successful. However, they learn from what didn’t work and the things that do. When something doesn’t work, they simply get right back up and try again. They are the last ones standing when the smoke clears.

If you have any or all of these personality traits, then you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate for more information on how to get your business started right away.

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