Successful Ways to Make Money Online

Successful Ways to Make Money Online

Just a decade ago, if you had claimed the average person could make millions- you would have gotten laughed right to the crazy house. However, these days, there are many internet millionaires who have turned an idea into a profitable business through the power of the internet.

Of course, while you’re not likely to own a private island, you can use your skills and talents to create a comfortable living for yourself. Unfortunately, the media wants you to believe that wealthy affiliate success stories are few and far between. The truth of the matter is that there are thousands of people who have made a living online. Here are 10 ways that you can be one of them.

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Successful Ways to Make Money Online by Selling Stock Photos

The advancement of the internet has resulted in an increase in demand for high-quality stock photos. There are some photographers that are making millions every year simply by being good at taking photos. There are lots of great photographers out there and all that is required is that you own a camera to get started. So, if you are a pro photographer, or even just a hobbyist, consider selling your stock images online.

Tweet for Sponsors

You can use Twitter to your advantage by visiting This is an online platform that allows you to charge sponsors for communicating their messages to your followers. You set the amount that you want to make and choose your category/keywords. Then, wait for advertisers to get in touch with you and accept your offer of what you want to make for each tweet.

During the entire process, the tweeter is in control of his/her account and can choose the way the tweets are worded or can reject it completely.

Ad Revenues on Blog

If you are already blogging and have devoted followers, it should be fairly easy to leverage those followers into cash. After all, ad networks like Google AdSense pay well to place ads on your site- and you’ll be paid any time readers click on them. Of course, it can be easy to go crazy and fill every nook and cranny with ads, if you place them well, you can easily make a comfy income from your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are really great at writing sales copy, you might want to consider trying out affiliate marketing. In fact, there are lots of wealthy affiliate success stories- a simple internet search will find them for you. Many people take the questionable route and promote diet pills and “enhancement” products- but there are plenty of other ways you can make money through affiliate marketing. Try out Wealthy Affiliate to learn more. You can start for free- and you’ll get paid while you’re training!

Write E-books

In the past few years or so, we’ve seen an explosion in the world of self-publishing. It seems like everyone is writing a book about something. You don’t even have to start your own website to promote your books. You can self-publish on several major sites and receive commissions of around 70 percent.

Become a VA

The truth is that nearly every small business owner would love nothing more than to hire a full time assistant to do the little things for them- but it’s just not in the budget. However, thanks to the online world, they can hire a part-time assistant for a much lower cost. If you’d like to work from home, this is a great way to bring in a consistent income. A VA can earn around $20/hour for dealing wth the daily needs of a small business.

Lease Skills

Chances are that you have at least one skill that is valuable- but you may not have been able to make money with it in the traditional job market. However, with all of the freelancing sites available, there are plenty of ways that you can boost your income in your free time or even make this your regular job with enough hard work and motivation.

Sell on E-Bay

You can start selling on E-bay and make a fairly decent income. Plus, it helps you get rid of your unwanted junk. On the other hand, if you don’t have any old junk you want to clear out, consider buying things wholesale and marking them up. If you are crafty, you might even consider making some things and listing them for sale.

So, as you can tell, you don’t have to be skilled in computers when it comes to making money online. If you have any sort of skills, business savvy, or creativity- you can make money easily. Basically, the online world is a lot like real life. The opportunities are there- you just need to reach out and take them.

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